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Письмо от друга из Канады. Террор в Квебеке

 Сорри, шо по-аглицки, нема здоровья переводить

I’ve just spent two days in Quebec City, investigating the mass murder at the mosque here. But I’m leaving with more questions than I came here with.


Why did police arrest one of the murder suspects, Mohamed Belkhadir, and keep him overnight, and have a press conference saying he was a suspect — but then suddenly let him go, saying he was just a witness swept up by accident?

Why did the CBC broadcast an interview of a Muslim eyewitness saying the shooter shouted “Allah Akbar” — but then change that to “f-ck you” by the time the broadcast Peter Mansbridge’s nightly newscast?

Why has the remaining suspect, Alexandre Bissonnette, been charged with murder, but not with terrorism?

And why as Justin Trudeau’s office being demanding that reporters in Canada — and around the world — delete their reports that accurately reflected the original police statement that Belkhadir was a suspect?

There may be very reasonable answers to all of these questions. And none of it changes the horrific fact of this mass murder.

But the more Trudeau’s office weighs in on the media coverage, and the more Canada’s state broadcaster spins this crime as some sort of Donald Trump-inspired violence, the more I’m worried we’re not getting the full story.


Faith Goldy

P.S. Thank you for supporting my two-day investigation in Quebec. Unlike the CBC, which receives $1.5 billion a year from Trudeau, we’re 100% viewer-supported. If you want to help chip in to cover my airfare and hotel, please click here or go to www.QuebecTerror.com, where you can also see all of my videos on the subject. 
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