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From Daily Banana

Before the Rio Summer Olympics started, there were several concerns about unpreparedness and corruption in the area. So we were already prepared for a Summer Olympics season that was like any other. But the following hilarious, strange and just downright odd events have far exceeded our expectations.

The Green Pool

Right smack dab in the middle of the swimming competitions, the pool water that was to be used for the diving and water polo events turned from crystal clear to green! It is well-known that Rio’s rivers and bays are polluted, so the fact that these indoor swimming pools started to look like a toxic waste dump caused many participants and viewers alike to be concerned. And the fact that the water had changed color wasn’t the problem, it was the smell, which was horrible to say the least.

The officials have offered several explanations as to why the water changed color, such as an algae bloom falling in the water or the organizers running out of treatment chemicals. It was later said that a worker had accidently dumped 160 liters of hydrogen peroxide which neutralized the chlorine and allowed the growth of an unknown “organic compound” that may have included algae. Officials did not say what the organic compounds might be. The officials drained the pool and replaced it with clean water (all 3,725,000 liters of it) before the synchronized swimming event started on Sunday.

Green Hair

The water wasn’t the only thing that turned green at the Rio Olympics, some of the swimmers ended with green hair as well. Former E! reality show personality Ryan Lochte had dyed his hair silver prior to his competition. But after swimming in the dingy green water, his hair turned from silver to green. Many viewers took to Twitter after seeing Lochte’s green locks are have been comparing him to Jared Leto’s Joker in Suicide Squad.

Stadium Key

The Rio Olympic organizers put on a grand opening ceremony that was beautifully orchestrated and there was a great display of Olympic pride throughout the event. However, two days before the games began, and right before the preliminary women’s soccer match, the organized seemed to have misplaced the keys to the gate. They just disappeared and no one had the first clue as to where the keys to that particular stadium were located. The organizers had to end up taking a pair of bolt cutters and breaking the gate open in order to get inside.

Michael Phelps Weird Spots

One of the many Phelps stories that have gone viral so far was the strange purple circles that were all over his body. Was the popular swimmer about to turn into a real life sea creature with fins? Not exactly. While viewers all around the world were making accusations and wondering what the heck those spots were, it turns out they were a result of a simple Chinese practice known as cupping, that helps with muscle recovery.

Breaking Bones

Every year we all watch the weight lifting competition in fear of the athlete actually breaking a bone due to the extreme amount of weight and stress that they are putting on their bodies. Unfortunately, it happened when an Armenian weight lifter named Andranik Karapetyan snapped his arm in half during his competition. That was one cringe-worthy event that we’d rather not see again.

Mosquito-bitten Horses

Parzival was a silver-medalist horse during the games in London. He was competing in a dressage match after getting bit by a mosquito, which are rampant in the area. The horse became very ill and his rider Dutch Olympian Adelinde Cornelissen decided to drop out of the games. After a diet of liquids and plenty of rest the horse is reported to be doing much better now.

The Generic Chinese Flag

When the winners of each event are honored by the presentation of their medals, the flag of their country is proudly displayed behind them, most of the time. Unfortunately for China, the Rio organizers used a knock-off Chinese flag that had the stars facing the wrong direction. This went on for several days before the mistake was pointed out to the officials. The bad flag got swapped out with the right one eventually.

Can I Call You Later?

During one of the fencing events, athlete Enzo Lefort was in the middle of his competition when his phone dropped out of his pocket and fell to the ground. It is one thing to be addicted to your smartphone, but I don’t think it’s wise to take calls while participating in a sword fighting contest. Just sayin.



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