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Исторические фото из Нью Йоркского Муниципального архива. Часть 2

A Subway Road Comes up for air in Brooklyn -- in background, a view of Manhattan from subway elevated tracks, 8th Street, Brooklyn, New York, on March 21, 1938.

Yankee Stadium, Yankees on the field during a game, ca. 1935-1947.(Courtesy NYC Municipal Archives) #
A man reads a newspaper on New York's 6th Ave. and 40th St, with the headline: "Nazi Army Now 75 Miles From Paris.", on May 18, 1940. (AP Photo/Courtesy NYC Municipal Archives) #
New York Fire Department demonstration of a steam pumper converted from horse-drawn to motor-driven, at 12th Avenue and 56th Street. (Courtesy NYC Municipal Archives) #
Men cut ice from Kissena Lake in Queens, ca. 1860-1900. (Courtesy NYC Municipal Archives) #
Children and adults with herd of sheep in the Sheep Meadow in Central Park, New York City, ca. 1900-1910. (Courtesy NYC Municipal Archives) #
Part of the superstructure of the under-construction Manhattan Bridge rises above Washington Street in New York, on June 5, 1908.(AP Photo/Eugene de Salignac/Courtesy NYC Municipal Archives) #
Manhattan Bridge, under-construction, seen from the roof of Robert Gair Building, showing suspenders and saddles, on February 11, 1909.(Eugene de Salignac/Courtesy NYC Municipal Archives) #
Aboard a police boat on October 10, 1934, New York Mayor Fiorello LaGuardia hacks away at confiscated slot machines about to be destroyed and dumped into New York harbor.(Courtesy NYC Municipal Archives) #
A view down an alley, as rows and rows of laundry hang from tenements ca. 1935-1941. Seen looking west from 70 Columbus Avenue or Amsterdam Avenue at 63nd Street.(Courtesy NYC Municipal Archives) #
A crowded street market under New York City Rail Road tracks, looking south on Park Avenue from 123rd Street in June of 1932. (Courtesy NYC Municipal Archives) #
A night view of Midtown Manhattan, looking south from Madison Avenue and the 50's, ca. 1935-1941. (Courtesy NYC Municipal Archives) #
Amid road construction, the Hudson Diner advertises "Tables for Ladies" on November 20, 1929, on Marginal Street, looking east from 125th Street. (Courtesy NYC Municipal Archives) #
Ninth Avenue El trains with passengers on 2 levels of tracks, 66th Street El station in background, in October of 1933. Photo taken on Columbus Avenue, northwest of Lincoln Square & 65th Street. (Courtesy NYC Municipal Archives) #
The S.S. Normandie, seen from a Staten Island ship steaming through upper bay on its way to a river pier built for it, ca. 1935-1941. (Courtesy NYC Municipal Archives) #
A view of the city from the Brooklyn Tower of the Brooklyn Bridge, on April 24, 1933.(Eugene de Salignac/Courtesy NYC Municipal Archives) #
A view of the city from the New York tower of George Washington Bridge, 168th Street & Hudson River, on December 22, 1936. (Jack Rosenzwieg/Courtesy NYC Municipal Archives) #
Fire Boats fight a blaze at Grace Line Pier 57, West 15th St, near the National Biscuit Co. building.(Courtesy NYC Municipal Archives) #
Members of the New York Fire Department attend to a fire victim.(Courtesy NYC Municipal Archives) #
The "Well", US Signal Corps Army Base Terminal, Port of Embarkation. Ration cases from crate cars are hoisted to warehouse bins for storage, ca. 1945-1946.(Courtesy NYC Municipal Archives) #
Water from firefighters' hoses freezes on the side of adjoining buildings.(Courtesy NYC Municipal Archives) #
Interior view of the Interborough Rapid Transit Company (IRT) subway powerhouse, 58th to 59th Street, ca. 1904. (Courtesy NYC Municipal Archives) #
42nd Street, looking west from 2nd Avenue. Chrysler Building at top right, "News Tavern" "Goblet Bar" at lower right, ca. 1935-1941. (Courtesy NYC Municipal Archives) #
Brooklyn Bridge painters at work high above the city, on December 3, 1915.(Courtesy NYC Municipal Archives) #
Aftermath of a collision on an elevated rail track. (Courtesy NYC Municipal Archives) #
The Queensboro Bridge, leading to Manhattan, seen on May 1, 1912.(Eugene de Salignac/Courtesy NYC Municipal Archives) #
A motorman operates a trolley cars near Williamsburg Bridge, on September 25, 1924. Signs advertise almonds, cold remedies, mustard, and stove polish.(Eugene de Salignac/Courtesy NYC Municipal Archives) #
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