vladibo666 (vladibo666) wrote,

Краткий англо-русский разговорник для офисных работников.

Grigory Borisenko

Hi. - Привет.
Hi, how are you? - Привет.
Hey, how was your weekend? - Привет.
Can you take a quick look?... - Сделай.
I'd kindly appreciate your help with... - Сделай.
Let me know your thoughts. - Прими решение за меня.
I just wanted to make sure we are on the same page. - Прими решение за меня.
Let me go back and double check. - Я не знаю.
I'm not 100% sure. - Я вообще не знаю.
It is done, I'm just following up on couple things. - Не сделано.
I'm wrapping up my work. - Не сделано.
I'm thinking about the best way to do this. - Я даже и не приступал.
This is on my todo list. - И скорее всего не приступлю.
Put something on my calendar so we catch up to go through? - Отвали пока.
Can you work with John on this? - Отвали.
Can you work internally on this and let me know? - Совсем отвали.
I do not have a best answer for you. - Отвали и больше не спрашивай.
Tags: english language, юмор
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