July 28th, 2014


World Leaders

 When you analyze the personalities of today's world leaders, they're not unlike the guys we grew up with from the old neighborhood. Putin is the shifty, slimy sneak, the bully on the block who takes whatever he wants from the wimp. Everything he does is covert but if you catch him, he laughs in your face and continues to take from you. The only challenge he understands, like the neighborhood bully, is a punch in the face and a kick in the rear. Netanyahu is the vigilante who puts nothing before his beloved country. He possesses a loyalty to Israel and his people that we Americans can only wish for in a leader. His defense strategy: "Leave us alone, and we'll leave you alone. Hit us, and we'll hit back 10 times as hard." Obama is the wimpy nerd. His leadership mantra is "I'm going to tell mom!" The world is on fire and he's putting more sanctions on Russia
. Ask yourself one question: If a leader like Ronald Reagan were still leading this country, would the world be where it is today? 

Carl Sartori